Black and White Pixel Art Bundle (Primarily 16×16)


An ever growing collection of retro style black, white and greyscale pixel art intended for use in 2D retro games and video game engines to design your UI, or to use as props/pickups in a top-down or side-scroller game.

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A collection of RPG/Arcade Style pixel art assets. All within the Greyscale. Allowing for easy tinting within game engines that support that feature. Or recreate old retro Gameboy style UI for your games. The price will never change as this bundle grows.

Requirements For Best Results:

  • Software or Game Engine Must Have Adjustable Nineslice Bounds Editor.
  • Software or Game Engine Must Allow For Sprite Tinting Via A Custom Shader or Built In Directly.

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Commercial – Yes

Share Alike – No

Direct Derivatives  – No

Sharing Copies – No

Embedding – Yes

Modification for non derivative project – Yes

Redistribution  of assets   after modification – No

Accreditation:  not required, but it’d be nice.

Font Shown In Art, Is Not Included.   See 

NEW!  Alchemy Update Part 1 – 2022

  • Folder Added “Alchemy Update 2022”
  • Added 6 new indicator popup icons and spritesheets
  • Added 1 blank template for the popup indicator
  • Added  Folder “Types”
  • Added Poison Type
  • Added Electric Type
  • Added Fire Type
  • Added Water Type
  • Added Leaf Type
  • Added Folder “Tools”
  • Added Folder “Cauldron”
  • Added Cauldron Variants
  • Added Folder “Mortar and Pestle”
  • Added  Mortar and Pestle Variants
  • Added Folder “Ingredients”
  • Added Powder Ingredient
  • Added Small Rock Ingredient
  • Added Fang Ingredient


  • Gamepad Buttons for Xbox
  • Gamepad Buttons for Playstation
  • Gamepad Buttons for Nintendo Switch
  • Start of English Keyboard Icons
  • New Props
  • Animated Prop Sprite Sheets
  • New Icons
  • Some New Nineslice frames designed to help    make partitioned menus easier
  • Moved Exclamation Popup Spritesheet into Icons folder
  • Download Link should be fixed.



  • Stump Arrows: 16×16 Up, Down, Left, Right (typically used for selection indication, button suggestions or Dialogue Continue Prompts)
  • Full Shaded Heart: 16×16 similar to the heart fills, heart outline and heart underlay, but encompassed into a single sprite, shaded and ready for tinting.
  • Sword Indicators: 64×64 (larger resolution as a 16×16 sword does not look so great, will probably revisit this later).
  • Open Flat Book: 32×32 was intended for a menu background.

Underlay Update:

  •  Added Heart Underlay Type-C (dark grey for tinting, black won’t tint)

Fills Update:

  • Added Heart Fill Type-C (flat dark grey)
  • Added Shaded Tint 5 (more shading variants)
  • Added Shaded Tint 6 (more shading variants)

UI Bars:

  • 32×4 for underlays and overlays.
  • 30×4 for bar fills.
  • 4×4 Auto Fills for Unity.

Outlines (non-bars):

  • 16×16 Single Images.

Underlays (non-bars):

  • 16×16 Single Images.


  • 16×16 Single Images for Nine-Slicing. Designed to be for Dialogue or Textfields, but use as you wish 🙂 .


  • Frame sizes 16×16, varying sheet sizes.

Particle Sheets:

  • Usually formatted as 8×8 frames within a single 16×16 sheet

Made with Aseprite.


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