Necore Tower

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Just in case you need some help ;P

  • W,A,S,D = Move
  • E = Interact
  • Left Click = Attack
  • Right Click = Special Attack
  • ESC Opens the Pause Menu/Character Sheet
  • Left Shift = Sprint
  • Tab = Potion Swap
  • Q = Use Selected Potion

About Necore Tower

A newly crowned King, an old threat and a tower guarded by monsters, traps, magic and more! Travel to Necore Tower where the sacred artifact the Necoria, is stored safely away at the tower's spire by the goddess Abigail. Face the truth of existence, upgrade your gear and scale the tower's floors in an attempt to save the realm!

Necore Tower is a small Action RPG created for my final University project, and is set in the realm of Necore before the events of the main series game "Necore: The Thunder King". In this game you’ll play as Garlen Hastein, the newly crowned King of Necore.

Garlen has just received word about Necore Tower becoming under siege by fouled magics and fears it to be the Dark Arcane Wielders. A once tight group of dark magic sorcerers, who attempted to rule the realm centuries ago.

Now, they’ve hardly been mentioned since their defeat at the end of The Dark Arcane Era. When the two most powerful sorcerers (the Arcane Kings), fought for the realm. These events nearly destroyed Necore and created the Northern Craglands just past Castle Tyriae. It is important to stop the attackers, as the most sacred artifact in the land, lays protected a top the tower’s spire… The Necoria…

Necore Tower was never intended for WebGL release so I highly recommend downloading the windows build - Download

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