Outback Games - An all new independent Australian video game studio!

Our aim is simple, it is to create games that anyone can enjoy, provide experience for new developers and
Stay an independent and private business that can provide future jobs, assisting in growing the industry here in Oz.

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Our Games?

Here you can see only a select few of our previous and upcoming projects, if you'd like to see more visit the games page

Necore Tower Banner

Necore Tower

A newly crowned King, an old threat and a tower guarded by monsters, traps, magic and more!


Vantraheim is our first commercial game that will release on Steam, more info will be available soon!

A Christmas Puzzle

A Very Small Windows PC game programmed and designed in a total of 24hrs for the 2019 x-mas period

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At the moment, there is not much in the ways of items to obtain from patreon. However, you can go check out what will be on offer by clicking the button below. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date!

Outback Games Publishing Sites

Outback Games Publishing

Discover where to get our games!

Outback Games self publishes titles on various platforms, currently you can get access to our games on GameJolt, Itch.io and Google Play. Visit the games page by clicking the button to find individual games!

Featured Artists

Visit some artists we've worked with!

From time to time, we'll update this section with artists we have worked with, if you want to see the whole list visit the artists page

the cult of snax noodle logo

BaronVonStrudel, a music composer and audio engineer currently working on the latest unannounced project. Click the image to visit their stuff.

skitzohousecat logo

SkitzoHouseCat, a music composer and audio engineer who created the Necore Tower OST. Click the image to visit their stuff.

necore series logo reimagined by Connie Tan

Connie Tan, reimagined the Necore Series logo icon in a pixel art form. Click the image to visit their stuff.

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