Cyber Surfer

A Mobile Virtual Reality Experience

Cyber Surfer v1.0.4

Cyber Surfer

Cyber Surfer was a VR project I completed with Matt Palumbo and Remi Piercy while at SAE.This project was created for Liminal VR and built to meet the requirements of their platform on the Oculus GO.
The Github repo can be accessed here.

For this project I took on an unfamiliar role as project manager. We were to create an experience game focusing on Energy, so, we tailored the experience using the research documentation provided by Liminal VR.
This required me to learn more about managing a team and delegating tasks but it was simple and easy to learn and I couldn't be more happy with the effort everyone put in during the twelve weeks of development.

If you'd like to give it a go, you can download the cyber surfer APK here (just extract from the zip when complete) Download
This is designed for the Oculus GO.

Stages of Visuals over development

The project was built in Unity over the space of about 12 weeks. Below are some early iterations:

Stage 1 - Cyber Surfer

Stage 1

Stage 2 - Cyber Surfer

Stage 2

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