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Our Aim

  • The aim of Outback Games is to create games for all to enjoy.
  • To provide the professional experience needed for those who are just coming out of their degrees to obtain jobs in the industry if they no longer wish to remain apart of Outback Games.
  • To help the game design industry here in Oz, grow and become an industry properly acknowledged by the government, enabling proper funding to be available for new devs who wish to build their own businesses.
  • Finally, to remain an independent and private business that can prosper without the creativity hinderance that comes with direct investors and pure monetary desire.

Our Current State

Outback Games is currently a Sole Proprietorship, Owned and Operated by Lochlan Kennedy. In the close future, Outback Games will become a Proprietary Limited Company.

Currently we operate with freelance workers, who are also Sole Proprietors. You can see a full list of artists we have worked with on the artists page

If you're interested in sending us your portfolio, head over to the contact us page. We cannot guarantee that we will reply to them, however, they will be in our emails ready to look over when we are scouting for our next projects :)